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Some related websites listed in English. For a listing of pages in Farsi, please select Farsi.
Easy browsing and searching in Holy Quran
Holy Qur’an Resources on the Internet
An impressive collection of resources on the Holy Quran (in English)
A site dedicated to all material related to Imam Ali (a.s.)'s famous collection of speeches (sermons) and letters known as the Nahjul Balaagheh. This site offers many textual sources and literature for reading on-line or copying.
Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project
A vast collection of online Islamic resources in English covering a large variety of subjects
Aalulbayt Global Information Center
Excellent shia resources in both Farsi and Arabic.
Al-Mizan Tafsir Collection in Farsi
Collection of tafsir al-mizan by Allameh Sayed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai
Teachings of Mulla Sadra
Al-waraq Network
A monumental collection of Islamic and Arabic literary works (in Arabic only).
Tebyan Library
Including a collection of works of tafsir in Farsi (in particular tafsir-e nemooneh by Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi)
Hawza - Advanced Islamic Studies
A large collection of resources in English related to Hawza studies
Online Tafsir Network in Arabic
A very impressing collection of Quranic tafsirs from a wide variety of Islamic schools of thought (in Arabic only)
Shia Search
A useful search engine and directory for shia works in different languages
Islamic Agenda-Date Converter
Converts Hijri and Gregorian dates back and forth.
Website of the basirat group in Vancouver and weekly announcement with regards to Dr. Soleimanpanah's lectures and classes.
A new website dedicated to writings and speeches of Ayatollah Hasan-zadeh Amoli. It seems to be under construction for now.
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