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Interpretation of Quran

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(20 lectures) Courses delivered by Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Soleimanpanah on Irfanic Interpretation of the Holy Quran. They are accompanied by detailed notes as well as highlights for each lecture. Currently, all the material available here are in Farsi.

Sura Taha
(43 Lectures; Farsi) Series of lectures delivered on interpretation of Sura Taha
Sura al-Asr
(1 Lecture; 0.5 hours) Multi-dimensional (including mystical) interpretation of Sura al-Asr
Sura Maryam - 2: Maryam and Isa
(5 Lectures; 4.1 hours) The Mystical interpretation of verses 16-40 of Sura Maryam: this second segment contains material devoted to the story of Hazrat Maryam and the birth of Prophet Isa - Peace be upon them.
Sura Maryam - 1: Zakariyya and Yahya
(4 lectures; 5.1 hours; with English highlight text) The Mystical interpretation of verses 1-15 of Sura Maryam: the prayer of Prophet Zakariyya and the birth of Prophet Yahya - peace be upon them both.
What is tafsir-e anfosi? Application to Sura al-Nasr
(1 lecture; 1.5 hours) Explanation of tafsir-e anfosi (mystical interpretations), along with applications of the interpretation of Sura al-Nasr of the Holy Quran.
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