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Rumi's Mathnawi - 1: Sharh-e Dibaache

(6 lectures; 9 hours) An explanation of the mysticism and gnostic wisdom within Rumi's poetry in his Mathnawi Manawi: these series of lectures focus on the opening part of Mathnawi (Dibaache) being the only portion of Mathnawi written by Rumi himself, thus initiating this monumental work, with the rest of it being dictated by him to his disciples.

In these lecture series Dr. Soleimanpanah explores and explains the mysticism and gnostic wisdom behind Rumi's work -  the Mathnawi Manawi, as manifested within his poetry.

These lectures are delivered in Farsi.


Session Full Lecture Lecture Notes Highlights
audio 1:06 PDF audio
audio 1:35 PDF audio
audio 1:42 PDF audio
4 audio 1:23 PDF audio
5 audio 1:48 PDF audio
6 audio 1:27 PDF audio




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