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About Dr. Soleimanpanah and the lectures in this site

دکتر سلیمان‌پناهThis site attempts to compile speeches and writings of Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Soleimanpanah, most of which have been presented in Vancouver, Canada to different audiences interested in Islamic knowledge, gnosticism and philosophy. Dr. Soleimanpanah has had the blessing to have benefited during his stay in the holy city of Qum from the teachings of great and pious scholars of Islamic philosophy and gnosticism. The illuminating Quranic and Islamic lessons delivered to the public are therefore greatly attributed to these great instructors of Islamic thinking.

In addition to the aforementioned studies, Dr. Soleimanpanah obtained his Ph.D in the field of sociology from the University of British Columbia in Canada, his M.A. in anthropology from the Tehran University, and his B.A. in Sociology from East Carolina University in the US. His primary studies and research have been in Islamic studies in the thoughts of Sadr Al-moteallehin (Molla Sadra) and Ibn Arabi, and in the social sciences in the works of critique by Michel Foucault. He has also had a number of written works with regards to the sociological thoughts of Ibn Khaldun, Rumi and a number of other Muslim thinkers.

Dr. Soleimanpanah has continued to teach in his past and present endeavors; for some while in high schools in Iran, for few years at the University of British Columbia in the department of sociology, while also involved with Islamic studies and discussions, until the hand of fate had it for him to focus solely on research and teaching in Quranic and Islamic studies. In the past, a variety of lessons and lectures have been presented by him, some of which are mentioned:

  • Interpretation of the Holy Quran
  • Commentary of the Mathnawi of Rumi
  • Islam and Modernity
  • Human rights and Ethics
  • Allah (swt) in Islamic Mysticism
  • Welayat and Imamat of the Blessed Imam Mahdi - peace be upon him
  • The Position of Shariat in Mysticism
  • The Afterlife (ma'ad) in Islamic Mysticism
  • Stages of Soluk towards Allah (swt)
  • The Spiritual Thoughts of Ibn Arabi


An important part of this ongoing effort consists of making available those lectures given in the amazing tradition of Islamic gnosticism and its various facets, with applications specific to the individual and society. These following lectures, presented by Dr. Soleimanpanah, have been an effort in that direction. Each topic of discussion consists of a number of lectures, also accompanied by:

  1. Notes which are recommended to be used alongside the shared audio (for lessons),
  2. Highlights (typically 5-10 minutes) from a number of the lectures (lessons, talks), attempted to capture some significant and quotable parts as well as to emphasize the need for further reflection and application to our personal lives.



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