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Journey Towards God

(Farsi; 5 lecture; 3.7 hours) Public lectures on various occasions with a continuing theme describing the various aspects of the journey (soluk) towards God

The talks are delivered in Farsi. We are hoping to translate some selected highlights from the talks into English, in-sha-Allah.


# Full Talk
Occasion Title
1 MP3  0:41 MP3
Ramadhan 1428 or 2007
Soluk-e Khodapasandaneh
2 MP3 1:06 MP3 Interpretation of dua Arafeh by Imam Hussein (AS) Erfan-e Khedmat
3 MP3 0:47 MP3 Moharram
1428 or 2007
Lotf-e Haq va Adab-e Abd dar Soluk
MP3 0:49 MP3 Moharram
1428 or 2007
Tarigat-e Mawaddat
5 MP3 0:18
Wafaat The Holy Prophet (SA)
Martyrdom of Imam Hassan (AS)
1428 or 2007
Souood Az Madineh


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